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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Microsoft attack Chrome browser within scroogled campaign

Microsoft continues its offensive campaign on the Google company and product competition, and today it was the turn of Chrome web browser where he published a video clip Designer inspired an official announcement of the Chrome browser, but Microsoft turned to tell users that Chrome tracks the users benefit them financially.
Microsoft says in its declaration that the Chrome browser keeps track of the user on all platforms, whether it is a tablet computer, smart phone, or a PC, and this is the trace of the user in order to target ads to fit his interests and thus the financial benefit of personal data.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Google allow attachments Money with e-mails

Since the invention of e-mail and to this day the user is not able to attach only files with e-mails, but Google is expanding today and let you attach to money also in an electronic message sent by any person as well as receive money just like you would send any other file.

The idea is to serve Google Finance Google Wallet which let you through integration with Gmail Mail to attach a sum of money and high security easily by clicking on a new button will appear in the box write messages in the form of a dollar sign $.

95% of Android's profits go to Samsung

Some reports from the period that the company Google worried about controlling the large Samsung system Android, and statistics today confirm these reports, where he was that 95% of all profits operating system Android in the first quarter of this year went to Samsung alone only.

According to Strategy Analytics statistics, such a large proportion difficult task in front of other manufacturers that use the Android system to achieve any significant revenue from the system.

Galaxy S 4 fastest-selling in the history of Samsung

Samsung confirmed that it shipped 6 million Galaxy S device 4 since its launch at the global level in the 26 last April, making it the fastest-selling device in the company's history.

And more specifically it in conjunction with the launch day device had shipped 4 million units, and then shipped two million units in the period following it until the tenth of May.

For comparison, the Samsung took 85 days to sell 3 million units of the Galaxy S, while it took 55 days just to sell Galaxy S 2, and 21 days to sell the same number of Galaxy S3, and now it took 15 days almost to sell the same amount of Galaxy S 4 .

The company expects to achieve sales level of 10 million units until the end of the month.
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